Congrats To Joe Quesada and Spider-Man

Spidey has a new game coming out on September 7 and the new launch trailer has just been released. 4 different Spidey versions, a whole bunch of villains (Kraven, Juggernaut, Carnage) and some diverse gameplay.

Staying with Marvel, not only have they celebrated their one year anniversary of being bought by Disney, but their CCO Joe Quesada is now celebrating a 10 year stint with the publisher. Well done Joe! Official press release below.

Joe Quesada Celebrates 10 Years As Editor-In-Chief Of Marvel!

This is it True Believers, the Mighty Marvel Podcast you’ve been waiting for – EPISODE 100 with Editor-in-Chief and Chief Creative Officer, Joe Quesada! That’s right folks, Joe stops by to talk with fan-favorite host and Marvel Senior Art Director Jeff Suter about his 10 years as EiC and bestows some helpful tips on how to break into the industry. Listen in as Joe reflects on his time in Marvel Knights, bringing this century’s hottest new talent to Marvel and his role in the creation of the Ultimate Universe! You’ve heard about the top-secret creative retreats and in this episode of the MMP, find out where they began! This is one episode no Marvel fan can miss!

So what are you waiting for? Go download the latest chapter now here:

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