Congrats To Joe Quesada and Spider-Man

Spidey has a new game coming out on September 7 and the new launch trailer has just been released. 4 different Spidey versions, a whole bunch of villains (Kraven, Juggernaut, Carnage) and some diverse gameplay.

Staying with Marvel, not only have they celebrated their one year anniversary of being bought by Disney, but their CCO Joe Quesada is now celebrating a 10 year stint with the publisher. Well done Joe! Official press release below.

Joe Quesada Celebrates 10 Years As Editor-In-Chief Of Marvel!

This is it True Believers, the Mighty Marvel Podcast you’ve been waiting for – EPISODE 100 with Editor-in-Chief and Chief Creative Officer, Joe Quesada! That’s right folks, Joe stops by to talk with fan-favorite host and Marvel Senior Art Director Jeff Suter about his 10 years as EiC and bestows some helpful tips on how to break into the industry. Listen in as Joe reflects on his time in Marvel Knights, bringing this century’s hottest new talent to Marvel and his role in the creation of the Ultimate Universe! You’ve heard about the top-secret creative retreats and in this episode of the MMP, find out where they began! This is one episode no Marvel fan can miss!

So what are you waiting for? Go download the latest chapter now here:

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Marvel Promotes Joe Quesada To CCO

Official press release below about Joe Quesada’s well deserved promotion.


Marvel Entertainment, LLC announced today that it has promoted Joe Quesada to Chief Creative Officer of Marvel Entertainment. In this new role, Mr. Quesada will work alongside Alan Fine, Executive Vice President, Office of the President and Chairman of Marvel Studios’ Creative Committee, to ensure that all portrayals of Marvel’s characters and storytelling remain true to the essence of Marvel’s rich history. Additionally, Mr. Quesada will provide creative oversight of all areas of Marvel’s business including theatrical, television, publishing, animation and games, while also actively participating in all story and script development for Marvel’s films and animation. Prior to this promotion, Mr. Quesada held the role of Chief Creative Officer & Editor-In-Chief, Marvel Animation & Publishing and oversaw the creative aspects of Marvel Comics and Marvel Animation. The announcement was made today by Mr. Fine, to whom Mr. Quesada will report.

Mr. Fine stated, “I am excited to have Joe join me as Marvel Entertainment enters the next chapter in our history. Joe has already played an instrumental role as Editor-in-Chief in changing the face of the comic book industry with bold new ventures and an unprecedented penetration of the mainstream consciousness. His love and passion for Marvel, along with his experience guiding publishing for the last decade, will be invaluable as we bring our characters to life in new media.”

“I am honored to take this new position at Marvel Entertainment and work with Alan to bring the rich history of Marvel to a brand new audience” said Mr. Quesada. “Together with the incredible talent here at Marvel, in all our divisions, I look forward to making Marvel an even bigger part of the entertainment industry and showing why we’ve been an industry leader for over 70 years.”

Mr. Quesada will also continue to serve as Editor-In-Chief, Marvel Publishing, where over the past decade he has helped usher in bold new imprints such as Marvel Knights, the Ultimate Universe and Marvel MAX. During his tenure, Marvel received acclaim for its Heroes special to commemorate the events of September 11, 2001; the groundbreaking Death of Captain America storyline; and President Obama’s historic team up with Spider-Man. Mr. Quesada is also one of the industry’s most popular artists, providing cover and interior art to blockbusters such as Amazing Spider-Man, Daredevil, Invincible Iron Man and more.

Marvel Gods

Or “gods,” actually. Seeing as I rarely mention the Jesus of this blog’s title, here goes….CBR have just uploaded their latest interview with Marvel’s head honcho Joe Quesada in which he answers fan questions as part of his regular Cup O’ Joe feature. Most comic publishers have various gods, demi-gods, and supreme beings all mixed up in a giant blender, so it won’t be any surprise to see how Joe mentions Marvel’s approach of religion in their comics. It’s an interesting discussion nonetheless. Read the highlights below.

Mad_Man_Moon asked a question a while ago that I’ve wanted to get to, which was, “I’m interminably curious about this subject and how it’s addressed at Marvel…Gods, and Christianity, Muslim, Judaism (etc, etc) in particular. The many different pantheons and beliefs are played out multiple times, and yet the Christian God and Devil are never seen (unless I’m mistaken*) in modern times. It seems odd that we acknowledge many gods and see depictions of them (more often than not), but the Christian, Muslim, Jewish (etc, etc) gods never come in to play. Why is this?”

I think there are probably multiple layers to this, Mad_Man_Moon. First of all, the gods of mythology lend themselves more to the superhero genre. They’re much more colorful, they are imperfect and their exploits were really more akin to the exploits we’ve seen done by heroes like those within the Marvel U. All the classic heroes we see in many ways share many traits with the gods of mythology, so it’s an easier transition. Also, in most monotheistic religions, you’re dealing with an all powerful and infallible deity, which, from a dramatic storytelling point of view, really handcuffs you because of their perfection and ability to solve problems as they desire.

And there is the sensitivity issue. These are religions that are practiced by the majority of the planet, regardless of where you fall, whereas the gods of mythology are not. I think it’s a sensitive issue, but more than anything, it’s just that the construct of the mythological gods makes for better dramatic storytelling within the pages of a comic book.

That said, from time to time, some aspects of today’s modern religions do find themselves into modern comics. I created the Santerians which are characters based upon the Orisha from the religion of Santeria. The Orisha lend themselves beautifully to the comic genre, as does the idea that priests who practice Santeria can become possessed by Orishas. Still, knowing that, I had to be very careful in creating them, because I wanted to be sensitive to those who follow the religion and I wanted to portray the characters in a way that wouldn’t be found offensive, but more aspirational. And, while we aren’t publishing them, I do know that there are comics out there that use aspects of Islam and Hinduism.

It does seem that there’s a little bit of crossover, particularly with characters based on the devil. Something like “One More Day” is built on the folklore aspect of monotheistic religions in stories like “The Devil And Daniel Webster.”

Yes it is. In OMD, it’s built around the classic Faustian pact.

However, Mephisto is an interesting character within Marvel, I remember reading Stan’s account of creating Mephisto. And while he had some of the trappings of Lucifer or Beelzebub, he is not meant to be Satan or have any religious implications. Stan built Mephisto as a super villain, but used the archetypes of the traditional iconography of the devil from classical literature and illustration. He always stopped short of making or naming him Lucifer, Satan or Mephistopheles or saying he was the devil. I get why he would create a character like this; it’s low hanging fruit. The devil, or the idea of a devil, has been one of the greatest villains and mischief makers in literature for centuries. But, Stan most likely didn’t want to start digging in and entrenching this super villain character that would interact inside a superhero universe within Christianity or any other religion. Also, there were probably greater sensitivities to doing this during the ‘60s than there would be later, as we created characters in the ‘70s like Daimon Hellstrom: Son of Satan – who incidentally is not Mephisto’s kid. So, while some may look at a character like Mephisto and say, “Hey, he’s Lucifer,” I would venture to say that he is something else.

See The Marvel Offices

There’s a short, but nifty video right here in which Marvel head honcho Joe Quesada gives a casual tour of the offices including their walls of covers, and licensed products, digital studio and a rather unimpressive kitchen. It’s one of the newest videos on’s Cubez series.

Captain America Returns?

CaptainAmerica_Reborn_01_RossCoverTwo and a half years ago Marvel killed Captain America, AKA Steve Rogers in #25 of his title, and received mainstream attention,with Marvel head honcho Joe Quesada doing his bit to promote the issue on radio and TV. Now he’s back, maybe. In Rogers’ place, his one time sidekick Bucky Barnes stepped up as the new Cap, with a new costume, and writer Ed Brubaker really made it work. So, do we really need Steve Rogers back? According to an article in the Daily News that’s exactly what we’re getting anyway. Reborn is a new 5 ish mini that Marvel have kept shrouded in secrecy, much like they did with his death, and will be the triumphant return of Captain America. But which Captain America? Steve Rogers? Joe Q doesn’t mention his name in the interview. What he does say is it will be the return of the “original Captain America.” Some may see that as Isaiah Bradley, who was introduced in 2003’s Truth: Red, White and Black mini-series as the African American test subject of the Super Soldier formula and has hardly been seen since. Also controversial is Marvel’ decision to release Captain America #600 (not the return issue BTW) today, on a Monday, instead of the usual Wednesday, without Marvel giving retailers enough info to order the issue in advance. Below are a few pages from the landmark 600th issue, courtesy of Joe Q’s new Cup O’ Joe series, which has just moved from MySpace to CBR.

UPDATED: Nope, Steve Rogers is coming back in Reborn #1, which arrives on July 1.  From Marvel’s fresh off the press, press release:

It was the shot heard ‘round the world. Following the most shocking and controversial event in comic book history – the assassination of Captain America in the pages of Captain America #25 – neither the heroes of the Marvel Universe nor the rest of the world have quite come to grips with this most traumatic of losses. From the moment he was taken from us until today, one fact has proven to be true: the world still needs Captain America . And now, the time has come! At long last, the legend, the hero, is back.  Steve Rogers makes his triumphant return from the grave in the publishing event of the year: Captain America Reborn, a five part series from Marvel Comics beginning this July.


Captain America #600p1

Captain America #600 p2

Captain America #600 p5

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