Arcana Magazine Only $2.10!

Yep, as if $3.50 wasn’t already a bargain! Now you can get the premiere issue of our new full colour quarterly mag, with 96 pages of goodness for only $2.10. Go here to order it from Badger Comics.

ARCANA #1 Draft Cover

The Comics Journal Updated

Press release below about long running magazine The Comics Journal and its new look.

tcj299The Comics Journal is about to take two major steps forward in its evolution. First, after 33 years and several incarnations, TCJ is answering the peoples’ prayers and upping the Web content on Next, the print publication will be consolidated around two expanded semi-annual editions, each customized to fit its content.

The new, full-service will deliver everything readers love — in-depth interviews, smart columns, sharp criticism, real journalism — on a daily basis. And not only will readers get the traditional Comics Journal content faster, but they will also be able to access features beyond the reach of print magazines: videos, slide shows, audio files, original-art galleries and an army of both new and established Journal-caliber bloggers filtering the comics world through their unique perspectives. In short, it is the dawning of a Comics Journal that knows no bounds.

Focusing on what print does best, the Comics Journal magazine will be more beautiful than ever, an elegant combination of interviews, articles, and objet d’art. Uniquely sized and formatted, evocatively visual and tactile, each issue will be an event. Readers will get their first look at the direction The Comics Journal will be moving in with issue #300.

Coming in November 2009: issue 300 of The Comics Journal and a comprehensive new website!

Mighty Avengers #31 Preview

The Avengers (Dark and Mighty) are about the only Marvel titles I read on any regular basis. I’ll pick up an issue every now and then and both titles are consistently enjoyable. Details, and text-free pages, below regarding Mighty Avengers #31 on sale November 18.

The Final Showdown With The Unspoken in Mighty Avengers #31!

The Mighty Avengers, Young Avengers, New Avengers and more must assemble in Mighty Avengers #31 to take down The Unspoken! Red hot writers Dan Slott and Christos N. Gage, along with fan-favorite artist Sean Chen, present the epic conclusion of the Avengers battle against the ancient enemy of the Inhumans! Hank Pym, newly named the Scientist Supreme, returns to Earth, but is his genius enough to help his Avengers allies turn the tide, after a lethal toxin turns many of the Avengers into a gang of mindless barbarians?

“This is the Avengers title you should be reading…” – Doug Zawisza,

“There’s certainly an undeniable old-school charm about this new incarnation of the title.” – Bryan Joel,

Marvel urges retailers to check all orders of Mighty Avengers as it continues to impress fans and critics. Will Hank Pym’s promotion to Scientist Supreme and the inclusion of multiple Avengers teams be enough to take down the dreaded Unspoken? Mighty Avengers #31 has all the answers!