Arcana Magazine Peek

At the start of the year my mate Dave Lapsley and I created a free, comics based on-line mag called Extra Sequential. We pumped out three pretty good issues, (if I do say so myself) and then got noticed by Arcana Comics, the biggest comics publisher in Canada. Since the third and final ish of ES landed in June we’ve been hard at work on the first issue of Arcana. It’s exciting to be this close to the finished product. It’ll be a full colour 96 page quarterly for $3.50US. Below is a look at the (non-final) cover. The mag makes it debut in Wednesday’s new Previews catalogue, for January releasing products. Check the Arcana Comics section on page 184 and we’ll be there.

ARCANA #1 Draft Cover

Our goal with Arcana is to be a bridge of sorts for those new to comics (like Dave), but also those who are long-time readers (like me). We have an interview with Tom Taylor, the Aussie writer of Star Wars: Invasion, the creator of The Surrogates Robert Venditti, legendary writer Marv Wolfman, artist Josh Medors, BOOM!’s marketing guy Chip Mosher, awesome artist David Mack and oh, so much more. When you see it in Previews, please order it, so I can quit my cubicle existence and introduce myself to all the parties I don’t go to as a professional writer. Oh, to dream!

Robot 13 #2 Review

At Broken Frontier now is my review for Robot 13 #2, the self-published adventures of a skull headed robot from Thomas Hall and Daniel Bradford. It really is  a great series, filled with Mignolaesque style and grand storytelling. Read my review here.

Robot 13 #2 Cover