The God Machine Preview

I met creator Chandra Free at Comic-Con this year at the Archaia booth as she was promoting her upcoming original graphic novel, The God Machine. It looks pretty impressive. Below are a few random pages of the preview book, as well as what Archaia say about it.

(W/A) Chandra Free

A Preview Book of the upcoming God Machine graphic novel! Guy Salvatore can’t get a break. After his girlfriend Sith dies, he can’t seem to go through a morning without monsters coming out of the bathroom mirror, or being pressed at school with his friends’ concern over his well-being. All Guy wants is to be left alone. One night after a bad dream, Guy seeks solace in the graveyard by Sith’s tombstone and is confronted by an odd bunch of characters that will change his life forever with the promise that Sith might be alive! Meanwhile, a beautiful Goddess known as Good God has lost the key to heaven. She needs the help of her fellow compatriot, Evil God, to search for it down on Earth. But what starts off as a minor chore becomes more when Guy catches them in the graveyard, especially since Gods are supposed to be invisible to mortals…

Full Color      48  pages        $3.95       Mature Readers (Contains Adult Content)

TGM Preview_01

TGM Preview_04

TGM Preview_05

TGM Preview_06

TGM Preview_07

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