DC Shake-Up

Hot on the heels of the Disney/Marvel merger comes this news, and here’s Marvel head honcho Joe Quesada talking for the last time about that deal. It started with the announcement that long-time DC Publisher (and before that, writer and editor) Paul Levitz was stepping down to focus on his writing career again, returning to Adventure Comics as of the seventh issue. Levitz made his name with the The Legion of Super-Heroes so it’s good to see him back on the characters he loves. The bigger picture is that DC Comics is becoming part of the new DCE (DC Entertainment). Apparently the deal has been in the works for about 2 years, but as Warner Bros. have jealously eyed off Marvel’s film successes and looked at their own untouched or botched cinematic properties they’ve realised something is wrong. So, now Warner Bros. are finally making DC their priority. This makes me happy, not only because now Marvel and DC may just gain new audiences from these bigger initiatives, but also because I’ve always favoured DC. They need big screen epics, not like Superman Returns and Catwoman that don’t represent the characters faithfully. For more details on the news, check out DC’s blog, The Source.

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