Nite Owl=Owlman?

Outsiders 15This week’s Outsiders #15 is a good one. Now that Batman is dead, the team he founded many years ago is back in more or less its original form, with new members Creeper and Owlman along for the ride. Alfred has taken over Batman’s role as a field leader and it is strange to see him act as such. He’s been pulling all manner of similar duties with the Bat family over the years, but to see him act like a toughie (though it’s not like he has a costume, or gets in on the action himself) is weird. We’ve never seen him take on such a large role before, but that just shows his dedication to Batman’s mission.

So, who’s this Owlman exactly? Roy Raymond Jr apparently. Don’t worry. I’ve never heard of him either. Like baddie Human Flame who was another forgotten character recently brought back into the spotlight, Owlman serves a purpose in the new Outsiders team. But he also serves a purpose for DC. He looks suspiciously similar to Nite Owl, which cinema goers around the globe will become familiar with once Watchmen opens in mere weeks. That can’t hurt, but it may very well confuse new readers.


  1. Imagining Alfred giving out missions and staying behind the scenes makes me think of that Jerry character in Totally Spies. ;-D Anyway glad to see the founding members together again. And yeah, looks like DC wanted to claim the cool movie-Nite Owl look.

  2. Nite-owl actually looks suspiciously like Owlman, seeing how Owlman came almost 25 years before Watchmen.

  3. For those who don’t know, Roy Raymond Jr. was a character in an arc of Dixon’s Robin I believe. His father, the original comic character was supposed to be Bruce’s primary inspiration to become a detective, however his son was a complete failure.

  4. What’s up, I check your new stuff on a regular basis. Your humoristic style is awesome, keep it up!

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