The Remnant #2 Review

prv1994_covThis series from BOOM! Studios made an impression on me last month. I remain impressed. Written by Caleb Monroe from a story by Andrew Cosby and Stephen Baldwin (yes, that one) The Remnant throws in elements involving the supernatural, espionage thrillers and action films into a melting pot and scoops out the juicy bi-products.

There’s more to it than that though, and Cosby and Baldwin weave a taut tale  springing from the first issue, while thrusting the adventure forward. In the first issue CIA agent David Sacker died in an explosion, but was brought back to life by a mysterious man (who himself was saved after dying in Hurricane Katrina). David’s new wife, Sara is taken in for questioning, after Homeland Security discovered her details on the bomber’s corpse. The married couple have no idea why Sara is being treated as a criminal, but the investigators remain unconvinced.

In this issue we learn the identity of the Katrina ‘victim’ who gave David his life back. He’s John Drouin, a small town kid with a juvie record. Agent Fairchild and her team witness footage of the explosion from the first issue, which shows the unharmed John and barely conscious David meeting. David returns home after chasing John in a thrilling sequence from last issue, and finds a bomb in his kitchen, which he disarms before meeting up with his friend Andy. David’s wife, Sara is released, with orders straight from the top, infuriating Agent Fairchild.

Finally, Andy and his amusingly nerdy assistant are attacked by John, who appears to be sleepwalking, or in a trance of some sort. Then a young lady checks into a hotel, unpacks a high-powered rifle and checks her target – Sara Sacker.

The pieces are starting to come together – slowly. Monroe seems to be honing in on a few details and characters, bringing them all together for a showdown. He lays enough hints to keep us guessing, with Sara’s innocence about the whole affair the primary one. However, the silent grey-haired man seen in Sudan in the opening pages, and then again in the office of the Director of Homeland Security must also reveal his true nature soon.

Artist Julian Totino Tedesco continues his stellar work form last issue. With a fluid grace, almost like John Byrne (Fantastic Four) but much better and great use of space on every page, he shows that he’s mastering his craft. He knows when to keep things simple, and when to lay on the details.

This will be one of those series that needs to be read in collected form to gain the full effect of the tale being told, so if you’re new to this series, start with issue #1, or wait for the Trade Paper Back. It really does have pacing similar to any of the numerous cop shows on TV these days, and seeing as there are more unanswered questions at this halfway mark of the series, it can only increase its intensity before issue #4.

The Remnant #2 1

The Remnant #2 2

Top Cow Freebies

Those lovely people at Top Cow are launching their new Let Us Win You Over promotion during February. This bold initiative sends free copies to random comic shops, giving people the chance to trial one of Top Cow’s titles for free. The official press release is below,a s is the link for the shops carrying the free copy of The Darkness #75. See if your shop is on the list (if you live in America or Canada, that is).

dk075_covs_page_7The “Let Us Win YOU Over” initiative is a yearlong campaign by Top Cow Productions to give out free copies of its regular comics to potential fans in the U.S. and Canada through participating comic book stores. Each month, a different set of stores, each month a different free comic. The stores vary by geography and demographics. Top Cow has partnered with ComicsPRO to bring this promotion to fans and all of February’s retailers are members of ComicsPRO.
The publisher decided to launch the program with a special celebratory anniversary issue of one of their flagship titles, The Darkness #75. The issue, which is an over-sized 48-page comic, commemorates the 75th overall issue of the series regardless of volume. The list of artists includes: Michael Broussard (current series artist), Jorge Lucas (Pilot Season: Ripclaw), Dale Keown (Pitt), Joe Benitez (Justice League of America), Ryan Sook (Superman/Batman), Steve Firchow (Ultimatum), Frazer Irving (Silent War), Lee Carter (2000 AD), Stjepan Sejic (Witchblade) and Matt Timson (Impaler). The story, which will examine what a possible future would be like for current Darkness bearer Jackie Estacado, will be penned by current series writer Phil Hester. The issue will be in comic shops on Wednesday, February 11th, 2008 and normally retails for $4.99.
“This initiative our most ambitious attempt yet to recruit new readers,” explained Filip Sablik, Publisher of Top Cow. “We wanted to kick it off in a big way and what better way than one of our biggest books of the year, both literally and figuratively. This is a great jumping on point for new fans as it is a standalone story, featuring the best art we have to offer, and an awesome value.”

“I’m looking forward to getting the Top Cow ‘Let us Win You Over’ promotion started. This is one of the more innovative ways a publisher has chosen to work with our membership,” said Joe Fields, President of ComicsPRO and owner of Flying Colors Comics & Other Cool Stuff in Concord, CA, “Our goal is nothing short of more readers for Top Cow’s cool comics and more customers for ComicsPRO member stores.”  

dk075_covs_page_5“We are so excited about this opportunity to bring Top Cow comics to more readers!  Top Cow is at the top of their game and we cannot think of a better time to bring new people to their titles!  We are ready to win over some more readers,” added Norah Curry, Promotions Director, Laughing Ogre Comics in Columbus Ohio.

A list of the participating retailers during the month of February (listed alphabetically by state) is included below. Additional information can be found at the official online home of the “Let Us Win YOU Over” initiative – Customers who currently purchase The Darkness at the stores below will be able to purchase an extremely limited “All Beef” Edition (limited to just the stores listed below) at the regular cover price. Fans are encouraged to contact the specific retailer they wish to visit for specific details:

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