Broken Frontier at NYCC

This week is a biggie for comics news. My fellow contributors at Broken Frontier will be there. Or at least two of them will be – Frederik Hautain and Bart Croonenborghs. I like them because they’re surnames are stranger than mine. These two crazy kids will be giving you the lowdown on all the announcements, surprises and wild nerd parties. 

After San Diego Comic-Con (which I will be attending again in July – woo-hoo!) the New York Comic-Con is the big convention covering comics and pop culture. Catch the latest here.


Watchmen On Your Mobile

drmanhattan_watchmenOr at least updates of the greatly anticipated film. It’s hard to believe that this adaptation fanboys and girls have cautiously wanted to witness on celluloid is just around the corner. Below are some gorgeous promo pics for the Zack Snyder helmed film hitting the screens on March 6. For the uninitiated, Watchmen is a classic DC Comics 12 issue series written by Alan Moore (V for Vendetta, From Hell) with art by Dave Gibbons. It’s an epic telling of an alternate 1985 where Nixon is President and superheroes are real and endangered.

I’ve gotta give props to Warner Bros. All of their marketing for this film has been well orchestrated. From the pics released a year before the film to the recent viral video and variety of bold posters they know how to get the attention of curious geeks.

See the details below to register for mobile updates. Hi-tech marketing is a beautiful thing.
































Ardden’s Merlin

Official press release below about an interesting new series from Ardden Entertainment (the publishers of the great Flash Gordon series). Sounds promising.

Ardden Entertainment is proud to announce that comic book industry legend J.M. DeMatteis and writer Derek Ivan Webster are teaming with artist Loren Meyer for THE MERLIN PROPHECIES, a genre-defying modern-day reinvention of the Camelot mythos.

merlin0_coverTHE MERLIN PROPHECIES is the story of John Myrddin, an emotionally-disturbed shipwreck of a man living in New York City’s East Village. John hears voices, too many voices, invading his dreams, haunting his days. One voice in particular stands out: a woman’s voice. And one night that voice leads him to Central Park. There, in the middle of a lake, John has an encounter with an ethereal woman that changes him, and will change the world, forever. Because John Myrddin now remembers the truth: He is none other than Merlin and the woman is the Lady of the Lake, who has been waiting centuries to reawaken the fabled wizard of Camelot. Now Merlin is on a mission to find, and train, a teenage boy who may one day redeem the world. But an ancient evil is also stalking the boy…and if it finds him first, our world may be forever lost….

DeMatteis, who also works as Ardden Entertainment’s Editor-in-Chief, comments, “This is a fresh spin on the Merlin legend. Although elements of Arthurian myth are woven throughout the story, THE MERLIN PROPHECIES is a very contemporary take: no magic swords. No dragons. No knights in shining armor. It’s city streets and shadows. Secrets hidden behind the veil of the modern world.

“I’m delighted to be collaborating with my friend Derek Ivan Webster, a Los Angeles-based writer and story consultant, whose knowledge of the Arthurian legends is encyclopedic. Loren Myer’s art is pitch perfect for the series: moody, mysterious, emotional, magical. We can’t wait to get to work on the mini-series and continue to explore this endlessly fascinating character.”

Ardden will debut THE MERLIN PROPHECIES #0 at the New York Comic-Con next weekend. The issue will feature an intense, character-driven story that takes place before the events of the mini-series, which will launch later in 2009.