Civil War: The Game

Well, not quite, but they might as well have called it that. The trailer for the next-gen console game Marvel Ultimate Alliance 2 has just been released -and it’s a doozy. It doesn’t look graphically superior to the previous installment, but I’ll definitely get it. Based on Marvel’s Civil War series (one of the best things they’ve done in the last few years) the game looks like it has Captain America and his team and Iron Man and his team facing each other in battle over the idea of superhero registration. 

Like the first one, it will be filled with fanboy friendly moments and appearances from every character you can think of. I’m so there.

Dark Reign: Fantastic Four #1 Peek


darkreign_ff_01_70thanniversaryvariantcoverIt’s a brand new, dark day in the Marvel Universe, and it’s creeping onto the footsteps of Marvel’s First Family.

Dark Reign: Fantastic Four #1 hits shelves on March 4. Writer Jonathan Hickman (Pax Romana, The Nightly News) and artist Sean Chen launch the new series as the FF find themselves battling H.A.M.M.E.R agents invading their home – the Baxter Building.

The series’ first issue has a gorgeous cover by Simone Bianchi (Astonishing X-Men) and a variant cover featuring Thing by Marko Djurdjevic.

See below for some text-free preview pages of this issue.