The Remnant #2 Review

prv1994_covThis series from BOOM! Studios made an impression on me last month. I remain impressed. Written by Caleb Monroe from a story by Andrew Cosby and Stephen Baldwin (yes, that one) The Remnant throws in elements involving the supernatural, espionage thrillers and action films into a melting pot and scoops out the juicy bi-products.

There’s more to it than that though, and Cosby and Baldwin weave a taut tale  springing from the first issue, while thrusting the adventure forward. In the first issue CIA agent David Sacker died in an explosion, but was brought back to life by a mysterious man (who himself was saved after dying in Hurricane Katrina). David’s new wife, Sara is taken in for questioning, after Homeland Security discovered her details on the bomber’s corpse. The married couple have no idea why Sara is being treated as a criminal, but the investigators remain unconvinced.

In this issue we learn the identity of the Katrina ‘victim’ who gave David his life back. He’s John Drouin, a small town kid with a juvie record. Agent Fairchild and her team witness footage of the explosion from the first issue, which shows the unharmed John and barely conscious David meeting. David returns home after chasing John in a thrilling sequence from last issue, and finds a bomb in his kitchen, which he disarms before meeting up with his friend Andy. David’s wife, Sara is released, with orders straight from the top, infuriating Agent Fairchild.

Finally, Andy and his amusingly nerdy assistant are attacked by John, who appears to be sleepwalking, or in a trance of some sort. Then a young lady checks into a hotel, unpacks a high-powered rifle and checks her target – Sara Sacker.

The pieces are starting to come together – slowly. Monroe seems to be honing in on a few details and characters, bringing them all together for a showdown. He lays enough hints to keep us guessing, with Sara’s innocence about the whole affair the primary one. However, the silent grey-haired man seen in Sudan in the opening pages, and then again in the office of the Director of Homeland Security must also reveal his true nature soon.

Artist Julian Totino Tedesco continues his stellar work form last issue. With a fluid grace, almost like John Byrne (Fantastic Four) but much better and great use of space on every page, he shows that he’s mastering his craft. He knows when to keep things simple, and when to lay on the details.

This will be one of those series that needs to be read in collected form to gain the full effect of the tale being told, so if you’re new to this series, start with issue #1, or wait for the Trade Paper Back. It really does have pacing similar to any of the numerous cop shows on TV these days, and seeing as there are more unanswered questions at this halfway mark of the series, it can only increase its intensity before issue #4.

The Remnant #2 1

The Remnant #2 2

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