Cyblade #1 Review

Well, at least the covers are attention grabbing – all 3 of them. Mixing elements of Alias (pretty young female spy and her male handler) and X-Man Psylocke (blades of psychic energy) on the surface this seems like yet another seen-it-all-before concept in comics. However, this series was successful enough with the right voters last year in Top Cow’s smart Pilot Season program, enabling its current ongoing series. By the summary page that sets all the newbies up with enough info, its obvious that this book has hints of enough unique twists to distance itself from the concepts mentioned above. In this new storyline (set before her joining superhero team, Cyberforce) that twist involves Cyblade’s orders to kill her handler.

Cyblade is teenager Dominique Thiebaut, an expert sneaky operative working for the Cyberdata Corporation, and is implanted (as are many others) with a Brain Box device that keeps her in, and her awkward teen/professional thief personalities separate, even from herself. Joshua Hale Fialkov may seem an odd choice for writer, considering his odd writing style on the odd Punks series, but he adapts to more standard fare remarkably well. He, along with artist Rick Mays is one of the creators who worked on the original book, so they know what they’re doing with this title. The titular character doesn’t appear much, apart from primarily a shower scene with appropriately placed steam covering all the naughty bits. Mainly it involves her handler, Steven Rashell trying desperately to free the agent (whom I assume he’ll become romantically entangled with eventually) and escaping from all the wrong people. Rick Mays’ art is fine and his pacing works well enough to give the feeling of Rashell’s increasing desperation, and like you’d expect, all the characters look like supermodels. Dominique wigs out in said shower, and her last line is something from Wolverine’s mouth of recent years, ie, “I remember everything.” This, plus the penultimate scene where Rashell is approached by the inventor of the Brain Box to help him destroy it may take this series in an intriguing direction. So far, its not Top Cow’s best effort, but one thing they know how to do is slowly build characters and concepts from seemingly simple concepts centered on powerful pretty ladies.

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