BOOM! Reviews

Here are my latest reviews at Broken Frontier, for two titles from BOOM! Studios.

First up, the debut issue of a new series set in the Warhammer fantasy realm, Crown of Destruction, involving rats with canons and weird wizards. Also at BF is my look at the second issue of the creepily effective horror series Necronomicon. This is certainly the better pick and has some great visuals by artist Andrew Ritchie. I got chills, I tell ya. Chills.

If you’re a fan of horror, pick up this issue, even if you don’t have the first one. It’ll still make sense and create a sense of foreboding that will have you hungry for future issues.

Free Witchblade Anime

From now until October 26 you can download the first episode of the crazy Witchblade anime. Press release below.

From the renowned anime studio GONZO, Witchblade is the saga of a woman who must bear the burden of a terrible force of destruction known as the Witchblade. Based on the comic book series from Top Cow Productions, the anime series goes into the future to tell the tale of a new bearer of the Witchblade and the conspiracy that surrounds her burden. Witchblade is the first U.S. comic book property to be made into an anime.

Masane Amaha is a woman on the fringe of society, bouncing rootless from town to town with no memory of the past and no clue as to what the future holds. But upon her arrival back in Tokyo, chance and circumstance conspire to unleash the fury of the Witchblade. The ancient weapon stirs. Conscripted into the service of the Doji Group and hunted down by the emissaries of the NSWF, Masane will find herself an unwilling ground zero for the swelling chaos fast approaching.

A new bearer of the Witchblade has been chosen. As she stands on the brink of destiny, she is forced to seek the balance between ecstasy and ruin.

The link to download the free episode is right here.