Take A Chance #1 Preview

Thanks to the fine folks at Dabel Bros. Publishing, here’s a sneak peek at December’s Take A Chance #1, plus the cover of issue 2. Written by novelist C.E. Murphy (Urban Shaman) with art by Ardian Shyaf (The Dresden Files: Welcome to the Jungle) the five issue mini-series focuses on single mother Frankie Kemp who becomes a butt kicking vigilante after losing her son in the crossfire of a gang war. She strikes out with justice as an ordinary woman trying to make a difference, but must re-evaluate her role once a virus escapes from North Korea, killing some and creating super powered beings worldwide.

Sounds like an interesting take and from the pics below it looks fairly action packed. It might just fill the niche left by DC’s recently finished Catwoman series.

Invincible Iron Man #7 Preview

More pretty pictures. This time from Invincible Iron Man, Tony Stark’s second title. It’s a great time to be a goateed gazillionaire inventor. Written by Matt Fraction with art by Salvador Larocca issue 7 (released on November 5) has Iron Man teaming up with Peter Parker AKA Spider-Man. Two cinematic heroes in one book. Cool.

Weapon X: First Class #1 Preview

As many people will discover with next year’s film, Logan, otherwise known as the most popular X-Man, Wolverine has a mysterious past. However, it’s slowly unraveling these days with his Origins series and now the 3 ish Weapon X: First Class mini-series. Written by Marc Sumerak (Franklin Richards: Son of a Genius) with art by Mark Robinson & Tim Seeley the series takes a closer look at the military minded Weapon X program which gave Wolvie those fancy adamantium bones and claws. Old foe Sabretooth guest stars, to get the fur flying and every issue features a 10 page back-up tale spotlighting past and present Weapon X “graduates.” The first ish goes on sale on November 5.

Below are a few random pages, after the Michael Ryan cover.

Marvel’s Ultimatum

Marvel’s 5 issue Ultimatum mini-series is released on November 5, and is a cross-over event, with repercussions affecting the entire Ultimate universe. Marvel think you should read it. Here’s why.

Mags sure looks comfortable doesn’t he?