Wolverine Trailer

Well, this is exciting. The first (shaky) look at the Wolverine trailer, right here. If you can move past the bad English, the blog may very well be the first place to see this. The film, entitled X-Men Origins: Wolverine is a spin-off set in the X-Men movie universe and a prequel starring the hairy Canadian, played again by Hugh Jackman. It’s not released until May next year but the trailer may be enough until then. With a look at the Weapon X programme that gave him an adamantium skeleton, to his days in WW II and meetings with other Marvel characters such as Blob, Deadpool (if Ryan Reynolds can’t play The Flash at least he still gets to play one red-suited comic character), Gambit (for whom the greatest cheers were reserved for), Emma Frost and old pal Sabretooth, played by a surprisingly mean Liev Schrieber. I’m sure the film will end with someone asking him to meet “some guy named Xavier,” or perhaps it will even tie in to the upcoming Magneto spin-off. My greatest hope? That Captain America will appear in the WWII scenes. Go here for a full cast list.

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