Free Marvel Guide

As any fanboy will tell you, comics are complicated. Howvere, if you venture into a comic shop for the first time, there are little ways to make it easier for yourself. Ask the employees for help, pick up a Trade Paper Back collection (with a no.1 on the spine) or just look at what freebies are on offer. Most comic shops will have them, such as flyers, posters, or the weekly newsletter, CSN. Now there’s soemthing new to add to the collection. Marvel: Your Universe, has a cover by artist Tom Raney and features a complete look at the major Marvel events of the last five years, as narrated by the all-knowing guy with the big head, Watcher. Cool. This will prove very helpful, as the MU has been a very busy place over the last 5 years, with Captain America’s death, Wolverine’s children, red Hulk, Spidey’s divorce and mutant numbers being drastically reduced. Marvel: Your Universe also contains prview material from various hardcovers too. It’s 32 pagers of handy info and absolutely free. It arrives on August 27, so keep your eyes open for it and be you too can be a well informed master of the MU.

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