Perty Pics

As is Marvel’s marketing effective strategy as of late, below is a teaser image which raises more discussion. Written by Reginald Hudlin, with art by Ken Lashley, the new Black Panther’s identity is anyone’s guess. We know she’s female, and T’Challa’s wife, Storm from the X-Men would be the obvious choice. However, maybe it’s Daredevil’s female friend, Echo. Who knows? We all will when the first issue of this new series premieres on February 4.

Savage Dragon and the President Elect are getting to know each other well these days, as evidenced by Erik Larsen’s clever cover for Savage Dragon #145, which is out on February 25. This will be Obama’s first comic book appearance as official President, and what better way to celebrate than slammin’ fists with his finned homie.

Lastly, Bluewater’s arms are reaching into classic sci-fi film territory again, after Missile to the Moon, with Ed Wood’s 1959 ‘masterpiece.’ Plan 9 From Outer Space…Strike Again lands in March and is a sequel to the film that defined the term, “it’s so bad, it’s good.” The over-sized one-shot is written by Chad Helder and Darren G. Davis, with art by Giovanni P. Timpano.