Obama vs Monkey

ObamaStory1That Barack fella just shows up all over the place these days. He’s the biggest hit in comics since the zombie craze. He’s shown up with Spidey, Youngblood and has had a few biographical stories from various publishers too. Even his dog is showing up in Marvel’s Lockjaw and the Pet Avengers. Now he’s got his very own children’s book. This 207 page book written and drawn by T.S Lee comes to a hapless world from Korean publisher Dasan Studios, and their new U.S imprint, Joyful Stories Press. It’s titled The Obama Story: The Boy with the Biggest Dream! and is the first in a series of manga biographies.

See below and cringe, or be inspired to make your own dream come true. Or perhaps ponder what the next page will be as “Barry” fights a wild monkey. Now that’s entertainment.

Obama vs Monkey

Liefeld, Obama & Youngblood Team-Up

securedownload-1Now I know writer/artist Rob Liefeld can be a controversial figure, but I’ve never really figured out why. I mean, his legacy can’t be ignored. He co-created Deadpool and Cable and helped build (along with his fellow Image founders) an exciting way of looking at comics as a mass media form of entertainment, and the building blocks of a larger media empire. Of course, Spawn creator Todd McFarlane is the leading light in that regard, but Liefeld’s output, though irregular, always garners attention. Now he returns to his signature creation, with the most popular man in comics today – the new U.S President himself. Official press release below.


The future of Youngblood starts now as Rob Liefeld returns!

The bold new era of YOUNGBLOOD begins tomorrow as series creator Rob Liefeld takes the reins and reveals President Barack Obama’s shocking lineup of the long-running superhero team!

“Since YOUNGBLOOD’s very first issue back in 1992, the series has always had a real world, political connection by taking on such issues as the first Iraq war and really exploring just what it would mean to be a government sanctioned superteam,” Liefeld said. “Bringing Obama into the picture is a necessary extension of YOUNGBLOOD’s history and I couldn’t imagine a better way to start my full-time return to the series.”

YOUNGBLOOD began the Image revolution in early 1992 and was the first creator-owned comic book to sell over a million copies right out of the gate by bringing a whole new perspective to what superhero comics were capable of. Rob’s creations took the medium by storm by influencing an entire generation of creators and, most recently, Brett Ratner as the famed director behind such blockbuster films as Rush Hour and X3 announced he will be taking the property to new heights by kick-starting the YOUNGBLOOD film franchise. Tomorrow’s issue not only features a six-page back up story setting up Rob Liefeld’s full-time return to the series with May’s YOUNGBLOOD #9, but also an already much coveted variant cover featuring our nation’s 44th President.

YOUNGBLOOD #8, a 32-page full color comic book for $2.99, will be in-stores tomorrow.

Obama Beats Colbert

Remember when the Superman titles were going through a great overhaul in 2000, and Lex Luthor became President? That. Was. Awesome. And for me the only time US politics was interesting. Lex should’ve stayed Pres longer. Anyway, Marvel have a good relationship with TV host/comedian Stephen Colbert and he was Presidential nominee in the Marvel U. Alas, his victory was not to be, as evidenced by the Daily Bugle article below, with a nifty classic Spider-Man cover homage.


Savage (Dragon) Politics

One of the beauties of comics is the speed in which they can be made. After 9/11 the comics community was the first medium to tackle the complexities and heartache that went with that heartbreaking day, while film took years to tell their tales. This year, as US politics takes centre stage again (in the 2000 presidential race, Lex Luthor won in the DC Comics world) the real life candidates become comic book figures once more. Just take a look at this variant cover for Savage Dragon #137 by creator (and until recently, Image head honcho) Erik Larsen. The finned one leaves no mysteries as to where his vote is going. The 32 page ish goes on sale September 3.

As reported in the New York Times, a former presidential candidate will give his endorsement for this years’ race in SAVAGE DRAGON #137, as the titular character supports Democratic nominee, Barack Obama!

“Four years ago the Dragon was a reluctant presidential candidate,” SAVAGE DRAGON creator Erik Larsen said. “Fans have asked if he’ll be running again, but given the importance of the upcoming election it seemed appropriate that he would back Barack Obama, the candidate whose politics most reflect his own. Savage Dragon will be giving Barack Obama his full support.”

Savage Dragon made his initial play for the presidential election in the 2004 campaign, but rescinded once the man claiming to be his running mate turned out to be Dreadknight, a supervillain bent on world domination. SAVAGE DRAGON #137 will sport a special 1:5 variant cover featuring Dragon formally endorsing the one candidate he is confident is not a potential nemesis, Barack Obama.

A week after Dragon makes his political leanings public, so do a whole bunch of DC heroes, in the 4 ish mini-series, Decisions, by Judd Winick, Bill Willingham and Rick Leonardi, which has various characters weighing in on some fictional candidates in the DCU.

And, finally, IDW also get in on the act. Their comic biographies of Obama and his arch-nemesis John McCain go on sale on October 8. Comics and politics – what a combo!