Adam Young Interview

At Relevant, there’s a great interview with muso Adam Young, AKA Owl City about his faith and feel good, pop electronica music. My dentist actually got me onto his great work, and I’m glad I discovered him. His latest album, All Things Bright and Beautiful has just been released and it’s just as good as his first 2 albums, and this one comes with the added bonus of Ronald Reagan, and rapping!

Here’s my favourite part of the interview:

I’ve always just asked the Lord that this music be useful more than anything else, and really beyond that my job is just to remain steadfast in my relationship with Him, and just kind of let these songs write themselves more or less, and ultimately never be ashamed of my faith and of my personal relationship with Jesus Christ. So yes, it’s never been my intention to really overthink, “Well, am I going to write up tons of Christian songs, or am I going to try and skirt away from it a lot?” I’ve always just kind of prayed for like, “God, just send me the songs you want me to write, because once they’re written and recorded, I’m going to send them all back to you and point all fingers back up to you.” It’s like, it’s almost none of my business in a funny way. Once these songs are done, I just want the Lord to use them however He chooses.

Read the whole interview here.

Spirit Blade

I’ve been meaning to mention this for far too long, but never got around to it. It’d be a shame to never mention it as it does deserve some attention, so here goes. It’s a great audio drama called Spirit Blade that, although is the kind of future set tale in which the government controls everything, still offers something intriguing, with its refreshing spiritual tones and surprisingly, even a few songs. I must admit, I was rather taken aback when I first heard singing, as I wasn’t expecting it at all, but everything about this production is classy and professional. Now, I’ve never been a regular listener of audio dramas, but i did find this quite believable and entertaining.

I recently moved house, and before I did I used to listen to this on my hour long train rides each day. Since I’m now closer to work, I don’t listen to anything really as my journey is now made up of two much shorter train rides. That means it’s been a few weeks since I last listened to this, so I’ll let the team behind Spirit Blade explain it.

SPIRIT BLADE is a full-cast Audio Drama that uses cinematic sound design, a pulse pounding score, and dynamic acting and musical performances to unleash an action-packed experience for your ears and imagination!

In a future where the government mandates the spiritual beliefs of its citizens, only a few rebellious “Seekers of Truth” remain to free the world from deception.

On his quest for meaning, Merikk follows a path that leads him across our world, and into another. Against his will he is thrown into action alongside members of the Underground Liberation, standing face to face against forces human, alien and demonic. Science fiction and the supernatural collide in a genre-bending adventure! Open your mind and then brace for impact as you discover the power of the Spirit Blade!

Spirit Blade is designed to appeal to fans of science fiction, fantasy and big action films. It is a dark and edgy story with songs and a soundtrack that fans of industrial electronic music will enjoy.

The voice acting and sound effects are great and once Merikk has his eyes opened to the world he’s really living in, the pace and scale and intensity of the story ramps up considerably. For a long story, it’s always easy to follow and the creation of the world just by dialogue is convincing.

You can find heaps of freebies about this unique production here, such as previews and interviews, to see if it’s your cup of tea. Honestly, this is a great time for Christian produced art, with the likes of church driven Sherwood Pictures getting mainstream attention for films like Fireproof and the upcoming Courageous.

Spirt Blade is a 2 and a half hour audio drama and you can buy it in CD ($13) or Mp3 format ($10) right here, as well as other audio dramas, such as the sequel to Spirit Blade, Dark Ritual, which was produced more recently and seems more polished.

Trailer for Spirit Blade below.

Extra Sequential Podcast #30-Strange Worlds

70 mins. Good and bad horror flicks, Star Wars and our look at characters travelling to new worlds.


1:07 NEWS

Frank Miller’s DKR art auction

Diane Lane is Superman’s earthly mother in the reboot film

Floyd Gotfredson’s collected Mickey Mouse

Kabbom’s Peanuts film adaptation

X-Men anime trailer

Aussie Oscar winners

Oni Press Mixtape by nerdcore rapper Adam Warrock


Evil Dead II

Killzone 3

The Making of The Empire Strikes Back book by J.W Rinzler

Digested by Bobby N

Brightest Day #21

The work of French artist Caza

The similarities between Image’s Carbon Grey #1 and Resident Evil: Afterlife

The excellent Ryan Reynolds stuck in a coffin film, Buried


We look at some of our fave comics in which characters discover new, and surreal, worlds.

Tintin, and Asterix and The Great Crossing

Air from G. Willow Wilson and M.K. Perker

Neil Gaiman’s The Books of Magic

Doug TenNapel’s Earthboy Jacobus

Guy Delisle’s Pyongyang: A Journey in North Korea


Free Oni Press Mixtape

Nerdcore rapper Adam Warrock has teamed up with indie publisher Oni Press to create some funky new tunes. What a grand idea. Official info and track list below, and if you want more geek centred music, check out the excellent Kirby Krackle.

The internet’s foremost comic book nerdcore rapper and the comic industries creator-owned publishing powerhouse unveil twenty tracks inspired by Oni Press creators and their work.

The ONI PRESS MIXTAPE features master lyricist Adam WarRock giving his spin to Oni comics including: Queen & Country, Super Pro KO, Possessions, The Sixth Gun, Hopeless Savages, Wasteland, Salt Water Taffy, Guerillas, The Crogan Adventures, and Stumptown. The album also features interlude tracks with creators Antony Jonston, Cullen Bunn, Brian Hurtt, Greg Rucka, Jarrett Williams, and Jen Van Meter!

The best part about it? It’s F. R. E. E. So go grab yourself the ONI PRESS MIXTAPE at his website!

Tracklist and credits:

1. “Intro”
Beat used: RJD2 “Things Go Better”
Samples: Grosse Point Blank, Henry Rollins interview

2. “Japanese Demons”
Beat used: David Byrne & Brian Eno “Strange Overtones”

3. “Super Pro K.O.”
Beat Used: The Last Emperor “Here We Are”

4. Jarrett Williams Interlude

5. “Guerillas”
Beat used: PJ Harvey “Meet Ze Monsta”

6. “Queen & Country” featuring Tribe One
Beat used: Soul Position “Run”

7. “The Sixth Gun”
Beat Used: Julian Casablancas “The Tourist”

8. Cullen Bunn & Brian Hurtt Interlude

9. “Crogan’s Vengeance” by Tribe One
Beat used: The Zutons “Pressure”

10. “Salt Water Taffy”
Beat Used; The Bees “Who Cares What the Question Is”

11. Jen Van Meter Interlude

12. “Hopeless Savages”
Beat Used: The Thermals “Now We Can See”

13. “The Damned”
Beat used: Squirrel Nut Zippers “Hell”

14. Greg Rucka Interlude

15. “Stumptown”
Beat Used: Infamous MC “Y’all Not Ready”

16. “Possessions”
Beat used: Mountain Goats “Romans 10:9″

17. Antony Johnston Interlude

18. “Wasteland”
Beat Used: Passion Pit “Swimming In the Flood”

19. “D.I.Y” (Outro)
Beat Used: Spoon “Don’t You Evah”

20. “Stumptown (Portlandia Remix)”
Beat Used: Washed Out “Feel It All Around”

Extra Sequential Podcast #29-Music

66 mins. We make beautiful music together.  We talk about the unique intersection between comics and music and also discuss which of the Friends we resemble, William Shatner singing and True Romance.


2:22 NEWS

BOOM! Studios gets the Peanuts licence, DJ Caruso set to direct Preacher adaptation, Telltale Games brings the world Fables and Walking Dead games, writer Dwayne McDuffie dies


Captain Wonder 3D

DMZ Volume 9

The Devil’s Trail #1 from Creator’s Edge Press

Burgerforce #4 and 5


Comics written by musicians such as Gerard Way from My Chemical Romance, Anthrax’s Scott Ian, Claudio Sanchez from Coheed and Cambria, Ghost Face Killa. Also comics based on Neil Young’s Greendale album, Alice Cooper, Prince, KISS , The Archies and Aerosmith.

Comic Book Tattoo based on the songs of Tori Amos

Belle and Sebastain anthology

27 from Image Comics

Paul Sizer’s B.P.M about a DJ called Roxy

Com.x’s hopefully upcoming Passions Requiem

Phonogram by Kieron Gillen and Jamie Mckelvie

Poseur Ink’s Side A and Side B

Matt Madden’s work

Mondo Urbano

20th Century Boys

Alan Moore’s work including League of Extraordinary Getlemen

Kid Koala

The Amazing Joy Buzzards

And for the education of your auditory inputs, here are the songs in order as heard throughout this episode.

Tracker – Flurry Part 2 (from the Blankets soundtrack)
Tori Amos – Cornflake Girl
Kid Koala – Nufonia Must Fall pg 165
Alan Moore, Downtown Joe & The Retro Spankees – You Are My Asylum


Secret Identity Music Video

Nerdcore duo Kirby Krackle have just released an animated music video for the song Secret Identity from their second album, E For Everyone. Check it out below, and Kirby Krackle’s site here. The clip is from Betsy Lee who also created their Up,Up, Down, Down video. If you like toe tapping music filled with clever comics and pop culture references, Kirby Krackle are the only way to go.

Talking With Gods in Melbourne

At the Australian Centre for the Moving Image at Federation Square in Melbourne you can see the new doco about comics writer Grant Morrison. It will be shown on Friday January 28 at 6:45 pm and tickets will be available soon.

The trailer is below and here’s the official site for Talking With Gods.

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