Live.Life.Style Blog

So, a very fashionable and talented friend of mine has just started a blog. You can find her wonderful writing about fashion-y things at Live.Life.Style. I recommend that you do, and not just because the photos on her last post were taken by yours truly!


The Book of Awesome

Thanks to WordPress, which is an awesome thing in its own right, I found this great site by Neil Pasricha. He started a blog in 2008 in the midst of some major turmoil in his life, with the simple goal of finding and sharing with the world, one awesome thing every week day. Since then, he’s won the Best Blog Award 2 years in a row and has a book being released, spinning out from his blog. It’s the kind of tale that puts a smile on your face. Check out 1000 Awesome Things here.

Purge + Audit Blog

My mate Mladen has finally started a blog. The long haired man with a stranger name than me certainly has some eclectic interests and his awareness of quirky sci-fi films, classic novels and music I’ve never heard of is most impressive. He unleashed his blog, The Drowning Machine last month. Check it out now. He’s always been a good writer and it’s encouraging to see him put it to good use. Right now, you’ll see a deleted scene from Terminator 3, a review of Crime and Punishment and some dazzling videos. Yep, eclectic. You can also check some of his own music out right here. Yes, he’s a musician and a writer. Thankfully, he can’t dance and this keeps him humble.