Lights Motion Comic

Lights Motion Comic 1I’ve been discovering some great music lately (Mute Math is my current band of the moment) and it looks like I can add another artist to my list. Lights is a young Canadian singer who likes Phil Collins and whose artwork for her latest album The Listening was inspired by Watchmen. What’s not to like? Yep, the love affair between music and comics continues. I recently interviewed nerdcore band Kirby Krackle and have an interview with Coheed and Cambria frontman Claudio Sanchez in January’s Arcana #1 magazine, and let’s not forget that Anthrax’s Scott Ian’s 2 issue Lobo series from DC Comics launches this week.

Well, below is a press release about Lights and her new collaboration with comics artist Tom Cokker on a motion comic (yes, they’re all the rage these days). This 4 part series is pretty good as a visually interesting nod to simple good vs evil comic tales. Check out the first one below.

Keytar-wielding synth-pop sensation, LIGHTS, is currently starring in Audio Quest: A Captain LIGHTS Adventure. The first episode of the ten-part short-form motion comic series premiered on MTV and three further episodes have now been released, following Captain LIGHTS on her galactic adventure to restore sound to the universe. Audio Quest is a natural evolution for LIGHTS – a talented visual artist herself, who remains no stranger to science fiction and the world of comics.

Featuring artwork of renowned visual artists, Tomm Coker, Audio Quest remains a stunning visual expression of a gifted pop star’s point of view. Experience the adventure and check out Audio Quest: A Captain LIGHTS Adventure Issues 1-4 below!

Lights Motion Comic 2

Lights The Listening Cover

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  1. […] understanding of how the two artforms can splendidly co-existFor example, Canadian singer Lights launched  a motion comic to promote her new album, and I interviewed Coheed and Cambria’s frontman Claudio Sanchez […]

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