New Looks, Same Characters

Comic-Con is only days away. I’ve been twice and it is awesome (but also expensive) and as the news on panels, exclusives and celebrities ramps up, so do the freebies, including the Souvenir Book, which features the second piece of art by Jim Lee of the new Justice League. Oddly enough, or maybe not actually, Wonder Woman has her pants back on, after originally having them, and then not. It seems even DC doesn’t know what her costume should look like. Poor woman.

If you are going to Comic-Con, these exclusives (of many available) may be of interest.

Next year’s Spider-Man reboot has had a bunch of cool pics released in the pages of the new issue of Entertainment Weekly. 15 in total in fact. See more here including mechanical web shooters (as it should be), Andrew Garfield as Peter Parker/Spidey and Emma Stone as his first love (again, as it should be) Gwen Stacy.

Finally, there’s more pretty pictures at an Abduzeedo post on artist DC Miller and his excellent cartoon-ish designs on some classic characters seen in films like Star Wars, Watchmen, 300, The Dark Knight and more.

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  1. […] in July 2012. Time will tell if it’s too early for a reboot, but so far, and including the released pics, this looks pretty enjoyable. The film is the first to feature Peter’s parents, and has some […]

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