Best Comic Book Films

I’ve been following fellow Aussie Garth Franklin’s film site, Dark Horizons for years now, and I recommend you do too! Up there now is, what’s sure to be a much debated, list of the so-called best films based on comic books. It’s not an exhaustive list, but is pretty close with 124 entries. Franklin has worked hard to get an average score for each film, and here’s a summary of how he did it.

To do that I combined three scores for each film using three major sites – the wide-sweeping critical countings of Rotten Tomatoes, the more selective critical assessments ofMetacritic, and the open to the public IMDb user ratings.

It’s pretty interesting and is good to see non-superhero films getting their due too. Below you can see the proud top 5, and the sad bottom 5. Go here for the full list.