Spidey Dies, Avengers Sit and Lanterns Pose

The Ultimate version of Spider-Man is dying, to be replaced by someone other than Peter Parker with new duds. Here’s a look at the variant covers by Marvel head honcho Joe Quesada, with Peter walking along with his beloved Uncle Ben to the afterlife. The ish goes on sale June 22.

Marvel Unveils Joe Quesada’s “Not A Dry Eye In The House” DEATH OF SPIDER-MAN Variant Cover

Death of Spider-Man, the story that everyone from ABC to MTV and FOX News are talking about, reaches its stunning conclusion this June and, to commemorate this momentous issue, superstar Joe Quesada illustrates an all-new variant cover! This powerful piece, from Marvel’s Chief Creative Officer, arrives in two different versions—the full color Ultimate Comics Spider-Man #160 Quesada Variant and the raw, penciled version for Ultimate Comics Spider-Man #160 Quesada Sketch Variant.

It’s the biggest story in Ultimate Comics history—and it all ends in Ultimate Spider-Man #160. No fan can miss out on the story that’ll have fans around the world talking for years!

The Joss Whedon (Buffy, Firefly, Dollhouse) helmed Avengers film from Marvel has just started shooting. Here’s the first teaser image under the S.H.I.E.L.D logo showing at least 4 of the many characters in the team.

On a related note Captain America actor Chris Evans has confirmed that his film, although mainly set in WWII will have the hero also come to the modern day, while in The Avengers he’ll get a new costume (presumably like his blue suit from the Secret Avengers comic) and will spar with Iron Man’s ideology. Cool.

Lastly, here’s 2 more character posters for the June releasing Green Lantern film.

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