X-Men Stuff

The latest face-in-silhouette X-Men First Class posters released a while ago are bad. Go here and judge for yourself. Thankfully, as we all know, fans are smart and creative! Super Punch shows off some fan made posters, and an imaginary opening title video for the June-releasing film. My two faves are below, and go here to see them all, in their great ’60s era glory.

Staying on the topic of costumed mutants, CBR has an interesting interview with X-Men writer Kieron Gillen (Phonogram) here. Fans pose the questions to the scribe and the discussion ranges from the Uncanny X-Men title to Fear Itself to the upcoming Schism. It’s for X-Men fans only really, as Nightcrawler’s death, Kitty in a space suit and the similiarities between Hope and Jean Grey are all brought up.

Lastly, and not really an X-Men story, but certainly a Marvel one – here’s a preview and trailer for Marvel’s 7 part Fear Itself series by Matt Fraction and Stuart Immonen.