My Maj Monologue Review

I did my first interview (on the other side of the keyboard for the first time) and now I’ve received my first review. How exciting. My monologue (performed by an actor) went down well and almost every night at His Majesty’s Theatre in Perth was sold out last week. It was a great honour to be a part of the theatre scene and although I didn’t win any of the 3 awards, just being a finalist and having my words coming out of someone else’s mouth on stage was very exciting. Here’s my first and only review of my monologue, Nut Job.

Nut Job by Kris Bather. Actor Nick Candy bounced his way through this often hilarious work about a very dark subject; testicular cancer. The pace was relentless and the double entendres and witticisms were reminiscent of a Seinfeld episode. Even more so when our hero moves to New York. Bather developed the plot extremely well – there was pathos as well as black humour and a clever twist to the love interest angle in the story. A gentle warning to men in the audience was a subtle touch with which to finish.

Yep, my name in lights. Kinda.

Mladen (the hairy one) and me. Your Extra Sequential podcast hosts.

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