I’m In Empire Magazine

The film mag Empire is the only monthly mag I buy regularly. Filled with good reviews, interviews and just excellent writing, it’s always entertaining. I’ve written them two letters, or rather emails, recently to correct their comics info, and my most recent one has now been published, complete with a sarcastic response! Having read it again, I laughed at how nerdy I sound, but I’m right! Us fanboys have to educate the greater public, or else, who will?

Yes, the scan on the left is hard to read, so here’s my original, unedited, geeky letter:

Hi there
Without a doubt Empire is the best mag on the stands, but unfortunately you occasionally fall into the frustrating trap of the mainstream press when covering anything related to comic books, and get the facts wrong.
The current issue is filled with great comics stuff, such as the Captain America feature and articles on The Crow and the DC Universe Online game. However, with the single page look at the new Spider-Man film costume you assume that due to the mechanical webshooters there will be, “no radioactive spider bites for this web-slinger.” That’s incorrect, as any look at Wiki or a query to a dedicated fanboy would tell you. Spider-Man’s powers also include great speed, strength, agility and the very handy Spider Sense. Shooting webs is merely one trick in his arsenal. I should also fulfill my nerdy duties by stating that in the comics, apart from the aformentioned abilities, Peter Parker has always had mechanical web shooters. It was Sam Raimi who internalised them, and although Marvel briefly adopted the concept in its comics after the first film, Parker now has, and will continue to have them, as they are unrelated to his “radiocative spider bite” and show Parker’s scientific ingenuity.
Your informative geek,
Kris Bather

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