Captain Salvation Debuts

As mentioned on Bleeding Cool, where the comments have not been kind, there’s now a new Christian superhero – Captain Salvation. Created by Joshua Carpenter with art by Greg Waller (who has worked as a colourist on such hardcore Avatar series like Crossed and Black Summer) you can find out more about the hero right here. Yes, the website needs work, as the Free Resources and Character Bios are dead links, and there’s no previews.

However their Facebook page is filled with stuff, including videos. Sure, jaded fanboys may roll their eyes at this sort of stuff, but I for one I’m glad there’s increasing Christian alternatives for parents who’d understandably be concerned at today’s mature superhero offerings.

On a related topic, the Encounter radio show on Australia’s ABC Radio 810 had a recent special on comics and religion, which aired on December 19. You can listen to it and download the transcript here. The show is described like this:

This week Encounter talks to the Kuwaiti creator of 99 comic book superheroes who are endowed with an attribute of Allah. We explore the way comics in India have become regarded by some Hindus as sacred texts; find out why Torah portions that are read each week in synagogues around the world, now have a humorous comic to accompany them; and talk to a Christian theologian who thinks Superman and Jesus have a lot in common.

You can discover more Christian comics here.

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