First Thor Poster and Trailer

Yes, it’s pretty bland and the character’s name/film title is miniscule, but fans already know what the film version of Thor looks like. I’d expect the posters that are released closer to the May 6, 2011 release date to play up the fantasy angle and the Marvel angle. Really this one-sheet could be of any action movie, but as directed by Kenneth Branagh and tying in to the Iron Man/Avengers film continuity we know it won’t be.

The trailer has also just been released. Some of the footage has been seen in the Comic-Con footage form July this year, but it also shows Thor’s winged helmet, his hammer Mjolnir and the evil Destroyer in action. Oh, and it’s 3D too. Looks pretty awesome.

Transformers 3 and Batman: Arkham City Teasers

The 2:30 long teaser for the third (and now Megan Fox-less) Transformers film has just been released. Apparently Soundwave is in it. Yay! The trailer doesn’t show much, apart from the 1969 moon landing and a probably ancient Transformer. I recall they used a similar NASA approach to the teaser for the first film.

Also, just been released is this teaser for the follow-up to the best comic video game ever, Batman: Arkham Asylum. Again, it doesn’t reveal a lot, apart from some brief Jason Bourne styled beatings. Both the TF film and Batman: Arkham City are out next year.