Karl Urban On Judge Dredd Film

We briefly discussed the New Zealand actor’s upcoming portrayal of Britain’s best hero in our last podcast. Now, in this week’s Empire magazine (the Aussie version) Karl Urban talks about it too. It seems he’s been a fan of Judge Dredd since he was 15 when his pizza parlour boss introduced him to 2000AD’s best known character.

The 38 year old, like most of us, wasn’t impressed by Sylvester Stallone’s 1995 attempt at the hero, stating, “Dredd’s supposed to represent the faceless system of the law, so it’s imperative that his identity remains a mystery,” and that the new film will be gritty and urban. “Darkness is inherent in Alex Garland’s script. There are no gold codpieces here,” he says and that he’d, “better have an emotive chin.” So far it’s looking good, with an action man who loves the character (and will keep the helmet on!) and is produced and written by Alex Garland, writer of The Beach and Sunshine.

If you can’t wait till whenever the film comes out, check out updates on this awesome looking fan film, Judge Minty.

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  1. no gold shoulder pieces, looks like the trialer is a washout the lawmasters look like beta 50 cc painted black with fairings
    get a grip

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