Extra Sequential Podcast Episode Seven

Wordless wonders is the name of the game in the seventh episode of the new Extra Sequential podcast by myself and my mate Mladen Luketin. Besides the below topics we ramble onto subjects as diverse as Buster Keaton, Garfield, annoying dinosaurs and superhero evidence in court.

Download it here, hear it below or on iTunes or Mixcloud.

1:16 NEWS

Black Panther is the new Daredevil, cheap comics from publishers Top Shelf and Drawn and Quarterly, and retailer Mile High, Back to the Future game, Atlas Comics returns, Watchmen writer Alan Moore talks to aliens (or at least leaves them a message), the possible return of cinematic slackers Bill and Ted, 24 Hour Comics Day and Australia’s Reel Anime festival.

13:54 Panel Plays

We re-enact a scene from a classic comic. You guess which one, and we’ll tell you at the end!

16:07 What We’ve Been Reading/Watching

Transformers: Drift from Perth writer Shane McCarthy, Wilson from Daniel Clowes, Thor: First Thunder by Bryan J.L Glass and Tan Eng Huat, Muppet Sherlock Holmes, ’60s TV series The Prisoner and Smallville Season 8.

36:55 Wordless Wonders

Comics without words? Insanity!

The Graphic Witness collection of pioneers of wordless storytelling, anthology World War 3 Illustrated from Top Shelf, Chris Ware’s Acme Novelty Library, The Arrival by Aussie writer/artist Shaun Tan, Vowels by Skye Ogden and Gestalt Comics, Moebius’ Arzach, Matotti’s Chimera, German Jens Harder’s weird large whale tale, Leviathan and New Engineering by Yuichi Yokoyama.

On the comedic side of things we discuss Spy vs Spy, Mad magazine, Perry Bible Fellowship, the little dinosaur Gon by Masashi Tanaka and Andy Runton’s cute Owly. As an added bonus, G.I Joe #22 and Marvel’s ‘Nuff Said issues from 2002.

70:25 Website of the week and the Panel Play answer

Cereal Geek – a PDF and print magazine all about the wonders of ’80s cartoons.

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