Jimmy Corrigan on TV

Chris Ware’s groundbreaking and experimental OGN from 2000, Jimmy Corrigan: The Smartest Kid on Earth received some nice exposure on Australian TV recently. First Tuesday Book Club is a book focused show that began in 2006 and in the most recent episode, regular panellist Marieke Hardy mentioned that she’d been reading Ware’s hefty, and much lauded, tome and cried on several occasions. Host Jennifer Byrne also seemed to be aware of the book, and Hardy even put it in her Top 5 Books list. It was only a brief mention but it’s awesome that comics are getting some respect and exposure. Thank you ABC!


  1. Yeah I happened to be watching the show and was pleasantly suprised when Marieke brought it up as a book that ‘changed her life’. Cool stuff.

    • That was a pleasant surprise. Now if we could just get her to talk about superhero comics, I’d really be happy!

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