Jennifer Byrne Presents: Graphic Novels

Oh, thank you ABC. The Australian TV network always has diverse offerings of arty stuff. This special on comics was first aired on November 11 and I just managed to view it. You can too, right here or read the transcript. The show is described thusly:

Jennifer Byrne presents this special on graphic novels, or if you prefer: comics, picture books, Illustrated fiction or sequential art narrative. To discuss the wonderful combination of words and images, we are joined by special guests Eddie Campbell, Sophie Cunningham, Burce Mutard and Nicki Greenberg.

Eddie Campbell, the artist on From Hell written by Alan Moore, has the most interesting things to say, but it’s great to see local creators get some exposure, and I must give ABC much respect for giving a half hour primetime show devoted to comics.

Jimmy Corrigan on TV

Chris Ware’s groundbreaking and experimental OGN from 2000, Jimmy Corrigan: The Smartest Kid on Earth received some nice exposure on Australian TV recently. First Tuesday Book Club is a book focused show that began in 2006 and in the most recent episode, regular panellist Marieke Hardy mentioned that she’d been reading Ware’s hefty, and much lauded, tome and cried on several occasions. Host Jennifer Byrne also seemed to be aware of the book, and Hardy even put it in her Top 5 Books list. It was only a brief mention but it’s awesome that comics are getting some respect and exposure. Thank you ABC!

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