All Star Superman Animated Film Trailer

DC’s All Star line of comic books was intended to be their version of Marvel’s Ultimate series, ie, top creators approaching big name characters with a more accessible approach. The All Star line’s only two titles centered on Batman by Frank Miller and Jim Lee that was way over the top and became a joke. The other series was All Star Superman by Grant Morrison and Frank Quitely who’ve worked on X-Men and JLA together. All Star Superman is widely praised and considered by a lot of critics as one of the Man of Steel’s best tales. I disagree. It’s filled with big ideas, but it’s not that special. As far as I’m concerned, the definitive Superman tale is 2001’s Action Comics #775 by Joe Kelly and Doug Mahnke.

The film will be released next year, as the latest in DC’s awesome animated film series, and follows Superman as he discovers his imminent death. The trailer looks very different from Quitely’s distinctive artwork from the 12 issue series and the voices of Supes (Frank Denton from Desperate Housewives) and Lex Luthor (Without a Trace’s Anthony LaPaglia) don’t seem to fit the characters. DC/Warner Bros. have a great strike rate with their animated films though, so I’ll reserve my judgement till next year.

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