Gestalt In Today’s West

My local newspaper The West Australian had an article today on local Perth comics publisher Gestalt about their success at July’s San Diego Comic Con and their new books Rombies and Changing Ways. You can read the whole article right here.

Now while I freely admit any news is good news when it comes to putting a well deserved spotlight on comics, my skin starts to turn a pale shade of Hulk-green when I count numerous errors in the coverage, as I did today. Using “editions” instead of issues is the first warning sign, though certainly a minor one. Making publisher Dark Horse into “Darkhorse” is another fault. However the real errors can be found in one of the last paragraphs.

He said WA had already produced major comic artists, including Ben Templeman, who co-created 30 Days of Night, Ashley Wood, of Spawn fame, Shane McCarthy, who draws for Batman and Transformers, and Justin Randall, who created Changing Ways.

Thankfully The West’s website made the correction to Ben Templesmith’s name (the printed version calls him “Ben Templeman.”) They also mention Shane McCarthy draws Batman and Transformers. Wrong again West. He has written for both series, and they only interviewed McCarthy in March! So that’s an error for almost every paragraph. Wow. Don’t reporters take notes anymore? A 2 minute Google search would’ve made sure none of these happened, at least.

OK, rant over, but please writers for The West. I, and my fellow comic readers, really do appreciate the coverage. Just give me a call next time and I’ll gladly offer my fact checking services for free!

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