The Week In Pictures-March 7 2010

Peter Parker’s joining the ranks of the unemployed and something called Heralds launches in June. You can also check out a preview of the 3 ish mini Superman: Last Stand of New Krypton, which hits next week. Also, Stan Lee’s POW Entertainment is working with BOOM! Studios, there’s a bunch of great previews (25 in fact) from May 1’s Free Comic Book Day titles ¬†and below is a look at Alan Moore as a teenage girl (he also teams up with Neil Gaiman!). See it to believe it.

100 Very Cheap Marvel TPBs

Thanks to Rich Johnston’s Bleeding Cool for this awesome cost saving heads up. It seems now at Amazon you can get your hands on 100 Marvel TPBs for around $15 and some great art books, such as Joe Quesada’s and Marko Djurdjevic’s for the same price. Wow. Perhaps Marvel are doing a stocktake or something. Whatever, the reason – strike now! There’s Old Man Logan, War of Kings, a bunch of Omniboo (love that word) such as The Death of Captain America, The Ultimates, The Invincible Iron Man, and more. There’s also a stack of classic runs like Secret Wars, Punisher Max, and unique collections including Criminal, Halo, Dark Tower, and Powers. Go now!