Gail Simone Leaves Wonder Woman

In a wonderfully touching farewell letter, writer Gail Simone says her goodbyes and thank yous to all the faithful readers, and new fans who have joined her in her adventures with Princess Diana since she began in 2007. Simone will work on July’s landmark Wonder Woman #600 and will then make way for a new, as-yet-unnamed writer, who Simone is very excited about. She’ll also continue working on her excellent Secret Six series, and the relaunching Birds of Prey, which debuts on May 19, as well as a Welcome to Tranquility mini for DC/Wildstorm. So, she’ll be busy then.

Simone has always been a classy writer and though I haven’t read  a lot of her WW issues, I know her love for the character, and close relationships with the fans has helped to bring the title a credibility it hasn’t had in a long time. Her last issue as writer will be WW # 44 out on May 26.

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