Showgirls, Teen Wolves and Astro Zombies

Yes, a long title, but one that sums up the contents of this over 300 page book rather well.  I first heard about it in an interview with its writer Michael Adams. He’s the reviews editor for Empire magazine, one of my fave mags, with its diverse writing and criticisms on not just blockbusters, but sadly largely ignored foreign, indie and arthouse films too.

Adams set himself the task of watching a bad film every day for a year; along the way compiling and comparing the results. This book is the culmination of that impressive effort and from the pages I’ve flicked through it looks like it’ll be a wildly entertaining and hilarious read. Once I’ve happily trawled through it, expect a full review. For now, if you like discovering guilty pleasures and laughing at films that were never intended to be comedies, you might want to pick up a copy yourself. It’s only $10! Read a preview at the widget below.

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The Claw and Fang Preview

Bluewater may just be getting more success (besides their never ending bio titles) with this intriguing prospect. Interior pages from April’s debut issue below, plus some groovy concept art can be seen here.


Film maker, Michael Kutcher debuts his first stint into the comic book world this April with “The Claw and Fang.”

Kutcher is new to creating comics, driven by his experience working on two feature films, “Bulletface” directed by Albert Pyun and “Kung Fu Joe” directed by Glen Berry, he wanted to move away from the production process over to the creative side. Matias Basla draws the gritty series “The Claw and The Fang” with covers by Dan Brereton, GMB Chomichuk and Steve Babb.

“The Claw and Fang” is a modern action drama with gothic horror elements. The characters are pulled from many of Kutcher’s real life experiences and that personal relationship adds greatly to the story.

The four-issue story arch begins in the present with Justin, a 21-year old warehouse worker, who has given up on life in the real world choosing to live in a virtual one where he is a natural leader. Other important characters are Noro, a demon summoned back to Earth after being banished to the Darkness for thousands of years; and the Firewoman, the last shaman of the old ways who forces Justin to confront his destiny and save us all.

“The Claw and Fang” will be released as a four book series through Bluewater starting in April 2010.

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