Looking for a good film for this weekend? Then check this out. Frozen from writer/director Adam Green is similar in approach to the great Open Water from a few years ago, in that it’s an indie film with few characters as they unravel while facing possible death. It stars Shawn Ashmore  (Iceman from the X-Men films) and the poster and trailer are below. It’s been quite widely praised and you can see if it’s playing near you (if you live in the States) by checking out the official site.

The Viltrumite War

Just in case you were under the allusion that superhero comics aren’t bloody, check out this teaser image for Invincible #71 from Image in which the titular hero fights his long absent father.

If you’re still hungry for blood, go here to check out the ‘ripping’ death of an Avenger in this week’s Siege #2 from Marvel. I feel sorry for the guy. Superheroing is dangerous business.