Complete Spider-Man 2010 Image

Marvel have handily connected all the dots, or rather, puzzle pieces from their last 4 teaser images hinting at what’s to come for Peter Parker this year. Hopefully it means a reunion with his wife Mary Jane Watson. Yay! Their separation/mind wipe in the One More Day storyline was a bad call, and hopefully Marvel are now convinced that a single Spider-Man doesn’t necessarily mean a greater audience for single readers who can identify with the character. Married men can have just as much fun, and that’s what Spidey’s all about.

2009’s Best Covers

Comic Book Resources have chosen their best comic book covers of last year, with brief explanations of each pick. It’s an eclectic mix. I don’t think I’d choose most of the covers featured but it’s a reminder that there’s some great art on the shelves.

Riot Shell Contest

Press release below from Nicita Designs and a contest they’re holding as part of their new Riot Shell comic. It’s not entirely clear what the comic is about, but the art’s not bad and it’s a good opportunity for budding artists. Riot Shell debuts sometime this year and is apparently “an all new online series where you control the outcome.” Hopefully more details will come closer to the release date. It seems to have promise.

Be Part of Riot Shell Contest

Nicita Designs and Comic Idol Online are holding a “BE PART OF RIOT SHELL CONTEST” Where fans can be part of the online comic by entering there original pin-up artwork of the Riot Shell Character to , There are six spots available to be filled in the online comic by fans.

Anyone can enter. There are no restrictions of any kind! So whether you can draw like the industry greats or only draw stick figures give it a go, we want it to be fun for everyone.

GRAND PRIZE  – One lucky artist will win a original Michael Broussard Unholy Union #1 page (Top Cow / Marvel cross over ) with a beautiful splash page of Witchblade.

The winner will be our number 1 pick out of the art submitted.

This is truly a beautiful artwork to have hanging on your wall! The Winner plus 5 runners up will have their art appear in Riot Shell #0 and also online at


Entries close 28th FEB 2010

For more info on the contest please go to