Star Wars Shoes

George Lucas has given the thumbs up for use of sound effects from his timeless films, most notable for Family Guy parodies, but this trumps them all. Check out the Adidas ad below with classy Star Wars references. I feel cooler for having seen it. To view more of the collection, including shoes and clothes, go here.

Tumor Review

Available next week is this pulp influenced tale from Archaia that held the #1 place on Amazon’s Kindle Graphic Novel Bestseller list for 2 months.

Occasionally narrated by main character, private investigator Frank Armstrong, who’s middle-aged and ill of health, the book can be filed proudly under N for noir. Written by Joshua Hale Fialkov with black and white art by Noel Tuazon (the same team behind Elk’s Run) the tumor of the title is inoperable and clings to Frank’s brain. As he sees his own life slipping through his fingers, he also tries to save the life of Evelyn, a drug kingpin’s daughter.

This book is dirty with its jagged visuals, harsh characters (all of whom seem to swear with reckless abandon) and good old-fashioned life and death stakes. It’s like Frank Miller’sSin City, but far more grounded. Tuazon uses different levels of artistic detail to reveal Frank’s flashbacks and this technique mirrors Frank’s failing memory perfectly. His tenacity and dedication to what could be his last case is admirable and Fialkov never allows the story to become too muddled, or his ageing hero to become unsympathetic.

After reading the first few pages, you’ll certainly want to know how this jagged, frantic tale ends. The 225 pager is available on January 27, and you can also check it out here. There’s also an interesting interview about the history, and great success of the book with Fialkov here.