Smallville Season 9 Trailer

For the last few seasons Smallville has been like  a live action version of the Justice League Unlimited cartoon, with all its nods to DC lore and fan fave cameos. Season 9 of the series begins next year and below is a trailer, focused on the much hyped Justice Society of America two parter in which Hawkman, Dr. Fate and Stargirl come out of hiding and show young Clark Kent and his buddies a thing or two about crimefighting. If you watch the teaser carefully, you’ll see Alan Scott’s Green Lantern ring, Dr. Fate and Sandman. The two episodes satisfied the network execs enough that they’ll now be a movie event, titled Smallville: Absolute Justice, which will air in February, and if that’s not exciting enough, the episodes are written by comics scribe Geoff Johns, who also introduced the Legion of Superheroes into Smallville recently.