G.I. Joe: Resolute DVD

As mentioned earlier in the week the excellent collection of animated short films written by comics writer Warren Ellis is now on DVD, on Region 1 at least. Us Region 4ers have to wait until early December, but it is worth the wait. Resolute is great and serves as a mature antidote to the live action film and presents all the techno stuff and violence that Ellis loves to create. Here’s the trailer, and below are a few storyboards to give you a taste of the action.





Lights Motion Comic

Lights Motion Comic 1I’ve been discovering some great music lately (Mute Math is my current band of the moment) and it looks like I can add another artist to my list. Lights is a young Canadian singer who likes Phil Collins and whose artwork for her latest album The Listening was inspired by Watchmen. What’s not to like? Yep, the love affair between music and comics continues. I recently interviewed nerdcore band Kirby Krackle and have an interview with Coheed and Cambria frontman Claudio Sanchez in January’s Arcana #1 magazine, and let’s not forget that Anthrax’s Scott Ian’s 2 issue Lobo series from DC Comics launches this week.

Well, below is a press release about Lights and her new collaboration with comics artist Tom Cokker on a motion comic (yes, they’re all the rage these days). This 4 part series is pretty good as a visually interesting nod to simple good vs evil comic tales. Check out the first one below.

Keytar-wielding synth-pop sensation, LIGHTS, is currently starring in Audio Quest: A Captain LIGHTS Adventure. The first episode of the ten-part short-form motion comic series premiered on MTV and three further episodes have now been released, following Captain LIGHTS on her galactic adventure to restore sound to the universe. Audio Quest is a natural evolution for LIGHTS – a talented visual artist herself, who remains no stranger to science fiction and the world of comics.

Featuring artwork of renowned visual artists, Tomm Coker, Audio Quest remains a stunning visual expression of a gifted pop star’s point of view. Experience the adventure and check out Audio Quest: A Captain LIGHTS Adventure Issues 1-4 below!

Lights Motion Comic 2

Lights The Listening Cover

This Is It Review

This Is ItAfter watching this Michael Jackson memorial/documentary/concert film, you’ll know at least two things: the King of Pop deserves that title and his London shows would have been spectacular. However there’s no sadness haunting this almost 2 hour long flick. No “R.I.P Michael Jackson-1958-2009” or any such sentiment. There’s no mention of the controversy surrounding him, or any looks at old photographs of his childhood. In fact nothing is actually learned about the legendary entertainer himself. However we are presented a side of Jackson that we’ve never seen before. In This Is It he looks surprisingly …normal.

He laughs with the concert’s co-creator and director of this film, Kenny Ortega as well as his obviously grateful dancers and band. Jackson doesn’t talk a lot, but is very humble and thankful, and at 50 years old is still as good as ever in this film. He dances like no-one else (but I didn’t spot a Moonwalk) and gives his all throughout the rehearsals in California’s The Forum and Staples Center presented here, apart from the occasional vocal break to save his voice for the show itself. Mostly This Is It consists of Jackson and dancers performing infront of an empty arena and all the hits (Beat It, Earth Song, Billie Jean,etc) sound great.

The toe-tapping film is only in cinemas for 2 weeks, but it has the feel of a DVD extra with its behind the scenes approach. The DVD will be released early next year and for Jackson fans it’s a must have item. It’s not necessary to see it in the cinema unless you can’t wait until next year, but the extra bits made specifically for the concert, such as the 3-D Thriller piece, serve as a reminder of what an awesome show this would’ve been. Jackson truly was a legend and there won’t be another like him. This Is It serves as a tender acknowledgement of the man’s gifts. Simply, Jackson was born to do this and doesn’t want to do it alone. The staff around him are understandably slightly awed in his presence, but he offers only love, with “God bless you,” and “I love you,” being his favourite phrases. The man was a master at his craft and we should be glad that we have this final glimpse of him at work.