My 800th Post!

Well actually the 800th post was yesterday, but now I’ve passed that impressive number. Now it may not sound like  a lot but it brings me joy to say it. Here’s some other numbers now that I’m in the mood for patting myself on the back.

9, 599 – total number the 3 issues of Extra Sequential have been read on Scribd

17, 438 – total number of ES subscribers on Scribd

69, 549 – total number of ES page views on Issuu

350 – number of U.S cents Arcana #1 (upcoming print version of ES) will cost

72 – number of days until Arcana #1 hits shelves. Oh, what a happy day that will be!

On a less self-congratulatory note, thanks to everyone who’s read, commented and liked my nerdy ramblings over the last 16 months. It’s all very much appreciated, and I have much more nerdiness to explore, dissect and promote in the future. Hope you stay!