Exclusive iPhone Comic Debuts

ComiXology continues pushing forward digital comics revolution with their first original comic, Box 13, created by Harvey Award and zuda.com winning team of David Gallaher and Steve Ellis.

Available for free exclusively on Comics by comiXology, Box 13 is a re-imagining of the popular radio serial of the same name.

It follows the harrowing adventures of author Dan Holiday as he unlocks clues to his past and his very identity. Holliday has spent the last several years of his life researching the secrets behind the MKULTRA project. His latest book has brought him a degree of notoriety around the country and around the world. And, during his recent book tour – Dan discovers something that will change his life forever. Join him as he leans what lurks inside Box 13.


The series will run in seven-page installments weekly for 13 weeks, with the first installment released October 13th. The following twelve chapters will be released on Thursdays, when comiXology traditionally releases all the new releases to the Comics app.

“David and Steve created an innovative and exciting comic at zuda.com with High Moon,” said David Steinberger, CEO of comiXology. “They are a perfect choice to explore the possibilities of great storytelling on our platform, too. The first chapter starts with a bang, and we fully expect it to be a reason for people to check in with the app every Thursday, at least for the next thirteen weeks!”

Comics by comiXology is the top selling comics app on the iPhone and iPod Touch, with over 350 comics from nearly 30 publishers, including over 60 free to download after the initial $0.99 purchase. Wired.com wrote that “comiXology may have solved the problem of reading comics on the small screen.”

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