Spider-Man In Japan


japanese-spider-man-1I remember watching the dodgy old American Spider-Man live action TV show in my youth. Sure, Spidey never did any web swinging, or fought anyone other than plain baddies but it was fun for a wide-eyed kid to see one of his heroes in “real life.” Spider-Man also turned Japanese in the 70s, in even less faithful TV adventures. The only similarity was really the costume. The Japanese version had motorbikes and giant robots to make up for it though. See the official press release below, then check out the free TV shows. If the pics below don’t tempt you to glimpse the zaniness, nothing will!

Now streaming exclusively on Marvel.com is Japanese “Spider-Man,” the legendary late 1970s TV show produced by Japan ’s TOEI Company. Trust us; you have NEVER seen Spider-Man quite like this before.

The series follows the exploits of motorcycle racer turned super hero Takuya Yamashiro as he slings and swings, battling the evil Iron Cross Army along the way. It’s fun, frantic and FREE!

See Episode One right now on Marvel.com—then come back every Thursday for the next episode.





  1. Japanese TV has got to be the best in the world! nothing beats Human Tetris
    or Kinchan no Kasoh Taisho

  2. Ah, thanks for those links. I’ve seen those great Human Tetris videos before, but I loved the Karate video on that second link. Why can’t us Westerners have that much fun on telly?

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