Extra Sequential #2 Delay


feb094062fHow it pains me to write those words! But it’s better to have great quality a little late, rather than poor quality now. Dave and I really only meet for less than 3 hours a week to put together a 60 page issue. That’s not very much at all, and every time we manage to sneak in some time during lunch away from our ‘real’ jobs, it reminds me how important collaboration is on any sort of creative endeavour. Neither one of us could do ES alone. Anyway, so issue 2 is coming. It will be here in March, but not March 15 as originally hoped and promised. We will get it out in late March sometime, and so far it’s looking to be a real cracker. Leaping and bounding with improvements from our first issue in January we are extremely excited to get our second ish out, and to see what everyone thinks. In the meantime, here’s a teaser of what to expect:

A hilarious interview with Amazing Spider-Man and Dark Reign: Elektra writer Zeb Wells

An honest interview with Marvel writer/editor Tom DeFalco about the end of his much-loved Amazing Spider-Girl

An interview with Richard Emms about Ardden Entertainment’s new Flash Gordon series

An interview with two great English gents from Ariel Press about Harker

A look at the awesome mechs of Dawn of the Dread Force

A look at Steve Pugh’s glorious Hotwire from Radical Publishing

and oh, so much more including reviews, Superman: A Biography, BOOM!’s take on Disney and the Muppets, and DIY paper superheroes. Thanks for your patience. It’ll be worth the wait.