Resident Evil: Degeneration Review

51zhg4hufrl_ss500_Well, not so much a review as just a general thumbs up really. I can’t say that I’m familiar with  the Resident Evil video games, being an XBOX gamer. However, the film trilogy is a pleasant enough distraction. I am a fan of CGI films though. Final Fantasy Advent Children, Appleseed, etc. They don’t always make sense to me as someone mildly aware of Japanese pop culture creations, but they sure know how to produce quality CGI films that make your jaw drop.

Apparently Degenration is set between games 4 and 5 of the RE game series and stars familiar characters Leon Kennedy and Claire Redfield. I wasn’t expecting to enjoy it, but I certainly did. Like one long cut scene from an awesome next-gen game the films is essentially Die Hard with zombies.

The first half is like Die Hard 2, with it’s airport setting, while the second half is like the original, set in a massive luxury building. There’s minor scenes focused on the military intervention and government cover ups that seem to be mandatory in films of the undead, but the impressive action takes up the majority of the 96 minute running time. If you like beautiful people, aswell as ghoulish creatures, with lots of shooting and running – grab it. Preview below.

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