Broken Frontier’s VIP Memberships

Broken Frontier is a comics site that I’ve been writing for for a while and now we’ve just launched a nifty opportunity for readers and fans to support us and get a present from Viper Comics at the same time. Details below.

Broken Frontier Launches VIP Memberships

Comic book news site Broken Frontier today launches its new VIP Membership program. Through the VIP Memberships, fans and readers of the website can show their appreciation for BF’s content… and receive a neat gift in return.

“These VIP Memberships are an excellent opportunity for the comics community to give us two thumbs up,” Broken Frontier Editor-in-Chief Frederik Hautain says. “All funds generated through the program will be used to continue to bring you the best comics coverage we’re capable of, and to upgrade our tech infrastructure. Plus, we want to make sure the comics industry benefits a little bit too, so we’re donating 15% of the value of each membership to the Comic Book Legal Defense Fund.”

Broken Frontier has created three types of VIP Memberships – Bronze, Silver, and Gold. For the month of March, everyone who signs up will receive a gift card donated by the great people at Viper Comics, which can be used to get some neat Viper comics and merchandise in the Viper Comics online shop located at

The following packages will be available through March 31:

Bronze VIP Membership ($29) – $20 Viper Comics gift card

Silver VIP Membership ($49) – $35 Viper Comics gift card

Gold VIP Membership ($99) – $50 Viper Comics gift card

Show your support for Broken Frontier and become a VIP Member now! To sign up and for all the details on the program, go to:

About Broken Frontier

Established in the fall of 2002, Broken Frontier ( quickly built a solid reputation for its extensive, unique, and critical coverage of the comic book industry. Coverage includes headline news, interviews, articles, reviews, columns and blogs.
The website covers every corner of the comic book industry, from mainstream to independent publishers, from print and digital publications to film and tv adaptations. Additionally, Broken Frontier is the publisher of the first digital comic book magazine for mobile devices, The Frontiersman.

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Broken Frontier Survey

Sure, there’s a wealth of grand comic book sites out there, and Broken Frontier may just be one of many, but it does offer a unique look at indie and mainstream books. And I don’t just say that because I write for them! Well, maybe  a little bit. Seriously, they are a great bunch of guys and girls who are passionate about every corner of the comics globe, and not only spandex titles. If you haven’t visited before, take a gander, check out the always informative Comics Explorer blog and register for the forums. While you’re there, take a short survey too. Consider this today’s community service announcement. As you were.

Broken Frontier at NYCC

This week is a biggie for comics news. My fellow contributors at Broken Frontier will be there. Or at least two of them will be – Frederik Hautain and Bart Croonenborghs. I like them because they’re surnames are stranger than mine. These two crazy kids will be giving you the lowdown on all the announcements, surprises and wild nerd parties. 

After San Diego Comic-Con (which I will be attending again in July – woo-hoo!) the New York Comic-Con is the big convention covering comics and pop culture. Catch the latest here.


Broken Frontier

Perhaps you’ve noticed that my posts have slowed down somewhat over the last fortnight. No, it’s not because I’m being distracted by playing The Force Unleashed. It’s because I’ve been blessed with the opportunity to write for Broken Frontier, one of the largest and most respected comics sites on the ol’ web. It’s not a “proper” job or anything, but it is a great lesson in discipline and exposure for me as a wannabe writer (like most comics fans are.) Over the last two weeks, my reviews for Vertigo’s Greatest Hits #1, The Punisher #62, Big Hero 6 #1, Deadpool #1 and Gypsy Joe Jefferson have all gone up. Plus I have a cool interview or two and an article on the way. It’s a fair amount of work, but an interesting challenge and heaps of fun. I’ll still be posting reviews and news here as always, just not as often, and of course, I’ll be linking to my latest BF stuff here too. Feel free to check out my reviews and drop by the forums to say if you agree or disagree if you like. Whew, there’s a lot of links in this post isn’t there?

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