Official Wolverine Trailer

This trailer was supposed to go live on-line (after being released with prints of  sci-fi re-make The Day The Earth Stood Still) yesterday. However, I looked everywhere and couldn’t find it, until now. (Then I realised that due to the time difference between the U.S and Oz, I was too eager) So, here’s the latest trailer (not the one shown at Comic-Con this year) for X-Men Origins: Wolverine, opening May 1 next year. It has elements from the Origin comic series, plus guest stars such as fan faves Gambit, Deadpool, the Blob, White Queen and more. Sabretooth is in it too, of course, and it looks like Liev Schrieber was a good choice. So sit back and enjoy. Marvel really are making some fine films these days.


Cool, huh? And what a way to celebrate my 200th post! Woo hoo!

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  1. Its been doing the rounds online for sure… Shelly thinks Gambit is hot, and I won’t blame her for that.

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